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best underglaze for bisque at ~6

updated sun 25 jul 99


Cheryl L Litman on fri 23 jul 99

I want to try something new with kids and was thinking of having them use
underglazes. I'd prefer to have them work on bisque since they're
generally a bit heavy handed and I don't want them breaking their

Having never used any of the leading brands, I was wondering if some of
you had used some or all of the following at cone 6 and could point me in
the right direction? My local supplier says that she prefers the Mayco
line but to steer clear of the pinks and purples at cone 6.

Duncan...............Concepts line
Mayco..................Stroke & Coat
Amaco.................Velvets for use on both bisque and greenware

Cheryl Litman
Somerset, NJ

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