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holding show checks

updated fri 23 jul 99 on wed 21 jul 99

Haven't I seen my very check sent back to me when I don't get in? It is
inconvenient but they are not using the money in the interim if my
undeposited check is coming back. Are other people seeing the refunded
fees coming back via a new and different instrument? I have not seen that.

I don't like having these large amounts just floating out there but haven't
lost track of one........ yet........


Eleanora Eden 802 869-2003
Paradise Hill
Bellows Falls, VT 05101

Carol Jackaway on thu 22 jul 99

IN the few shows that I have entered that require the booth fee check to be
deposited upon receipt, every one has been sent back (if not accepted) using
their checks. It is a completely different story when the booth fee check is
sent in with the application and is only hold till accepted. Both these
practices are explained in the show applications.
Carol Jackaway
Carol's Clay Fantasies
Parkside Pa