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book ordered - charged to credit card and never receive

updated mon 19 jul 99


Earl Brunner on sun 18 jul 99

I'm not sure I understand this message. The assumption would be that you ordere
a book presumably from the company with the URL. Your credit card was charged
and you did not receive the book. Most companies should be able to trace
shipments, You should have a confirmation number etc. All else failing, most
credit cards allow you to dispute charges to your account. So what's the point?
I sometimes have trouble at the corner store. If a particular company ticks me
off I go elswhere. I've said this before, I have purchased a number of things
on the internet, several in the multiple 100's of dollars. I have sent some
things back, I've had a couple of hassles, but I have never lost my money on a
single purchase. I will continue to make internet purchases.

Karin Hurt THAT IS MY REAL NAME my e-mail is: wrote:

> ----------------------------Original message----------------------------
> Clayworks
> the lesson to be learned from this...?Don't order anything from the Internet,
> not even from a clay art outfit?
> Karin Hurt

Earl Brunner