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two hamers are better than one?

updated sat 10 jul 99


David Hendley on fri 9 jul 99

Dear Janet,
I understand the spirit of your plea, but my copy of "The Potter's Dictionary
of Materials and Techniques" was written by one Hamer: Frank Hamer.
It's on the title page, the cover, and the library classifiation page.
"copyright 1975 by Frank Hamer".
The only mention of Janet is in the preface:
"Acknowledgement is made to my wife Janet for innumerable
re-readings of script, for constructive criticism and help with drawing,
photographing, checking and testing...."
(no mention of coffee making).
and on the dedication page:
"To Janet".
I hardly think an author would dedicate a book to herself.

When referencing this book or adding it to a bibliography, it would
be academically dishonest for me to add another author where none
is listed.
If you, or someone else, would like to send me the new edition of the
dictionary listing Janet as a co-author, I will be glad to get with the
and throw out my dirty, rotten, sexist, dinosaur of a book from the 70's.

David Hendley
Maydelle, Texas

At 08:10 AM 7/8/99 EDT, you wrote:
>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>A plea for fairness on behalf of a friend:
>Would those Clay Arters who refer to "Hamer" as "he" in the singular, please
>note that "The Potters Dictionary of Materials and Techniques" was
>written and edited by both Frank AND JANET Hamer. Janet was not just the
>secretary, typist and coffee maker throughout the years of compiling this
>authorative work. Her technical knowledge and input was every bit as vital
>fundamental as Franks. They worked in partnership on the whole book, sharing
>every aspect and pooling their formidable individual knowledge and
>Now in its fourth edition and a "classic" of its kind, it should be time
to give
>credit where it is due. Especially in this age of political correctness. I
>like to see a US authoress being ignored and degraded to the inferred role of
>the "little wife who made the coffee and just has to have her name added
to give
>her a thrill".
>The names are in alphabetical order, hence Frank followed by Janet. I also
>happen to know that the publishers pay the loyalties 50:50 with two
separate pay
>cheques, so how about a bit of 50:50 "quoting" in Clay Art and elsewhere?
>Either "Hamer and Hamer" or "The Hamers" would do nicely if using last names
>only. "Frank + Janet Hamer" or even "F and J Hamer" if feeling voluable. And
>before anyone points out that books by several authors are usually
>listed/credited under the one name, that is usually when there are several
>not just two or a partnership. The Hamers also happen to share the same last
>name as well as being partners on this book.
>Thank you for your future courtesy on this point. I am sure both Frank and
>will appreciate it.
>Janet Kaiser
>The Chapel of Art, Criccieth, GB-Wales
>Where Janet (ceramic bird sculptures) and Frank (platters with fish motives)
>will both be on exhibition in December for the opening of The International
>Potters Path.