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summer workshops with vince & dannon

updated sun 11 jul 99


Michael McDowell on sat 10 jul 99

We've just heard from Jonathan Kaplan about what a great colored clay workshop
Vince Pitelka put on in Steamboat Springs. Remember there is still time to get
in to Vince's colored clay workshop here in NW Washington state. That workshop
runs from July 19th through the 23rd. Vince is also offering his Ancient Clay
workshop here July 26th through 30th.

And you'll remember the glowing review Terry Sullivan and others gave the
workshop that mel jacobsen and Dannon Rhudy put on at the Nottingham Center.
Well there's still room in Dannon's workshop here that runs from August 2nd
through August 6th.

Consider that over a third of the signups for this year's workshops are from
people who have attended workshops here in the past. This should give you an
indication that we offer a value packed experience. Try it, you'll like it!

Check out full details on all of these workshops and the presenters at my web

And those of you who are in the area, don't forget to mark your calendars for
the presentation by Dannon and Vince in the Rotunda Room of the Whatcom Museum
of History and Art starting at 7:30 PM on Friday, July 30th. It's FREE!!!

Michael McDowell
Whatcom County, WA USA