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strictly functional news!!

updated sun 11 jul 99


Jean Lehman on sat 10 jul 99

The Market House Craft Center is pleased to announce that the juror for the
8th Annual Strictly Functional Pottery National will be Ken Ferguson!

The second bit of news is that we are moving the show to the Lancaster
Museum of Art, in downtown Lancaster. This is a definite change for the
better, and we look forward to it at that location.

Third, the exhibition, will open Friday, April 14 and close June 11. It
only ran three weeks before, and now will be open for eight weeks!! Because
the show is opening in April instead of May, the application & slide
deadline will be two weeks earlier... January 15.

And, the director of the 8th Annual SFPN will be Caroline Henderson, most
recently known for organizing the Pacific Tides exhibit (in Lancaster, PA)
which is still open and is a resounding success. I will be spending the
year in San Marcos, California with the gang at the Nottingham Center for
the Arts, but will return to Lancaster for the opening festivities in April.

I still have the mailing list, so if you would like a prospectus, please
e-mail me privately with your *snail mail* address and I will add you to
the list. Past participants are already on the list. If you have moved,
please send the new address. Also, we send a poster to schools and clay
organizations, so send that and I will check to see if it is already listed
with us.

(Note: We leave for the west coast, and points inbetween, on July 18, so I
am not reading ClayArt now. Be sure to send messages and questions to the
e-mail address below!)

Jean, who is madly trying to pack up all the stuff in the house so someone
else can live here...

Jean Lehman, in Lancaster, PA
(that's an _underscore_ not a hyphen after the j)

Don't forget to check out the 1999
Strictly Functional Pottery National at: