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refiring cone 5 glaze

updated sun 11 jul 99


Murray & Bacia Edelman on sat 10 jul 99

John: You asked:
Has anyone had success with refiring cone 5 pieces in electric

I had a complete load overfire and the glazes bubbled (Small bubbles)
I've heard that I can refire, but I've never attempted it before.

Is there anything I should do to the pieces before I refire (i.e.
rough-up and reglaze)

Thanks much,

John Baisch
Boise, ID
Yes, John, you can refire glazed work. But small bubbles are very hard to
eliminate with further glazing. I heat the pots in oven, test kiln, or
microwave, and depending on what you want, spray more glaze on. Perhaps
fire slightly lower, cone 4 and a half rather than cone 5.
I also paint glaze on when I want a cone 04 bead glaze on something that
went to cone 5 or cone 6 previously. Some people use Elmer's glue,
molasses, sticky gunk rather than heat. I prefer heating the pots.
Bacia Edelman