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peter king workshop in wa.

updated wed 18 aug 99


Barbra Kates on tue 13 jul 99

There are still a few spaces available in the Peter King Architectural
Ceramic Workshop August 14 & 15 in Yelm, WA. Yelm is located 45 minutes
South of Tacoma, WA.

Peter is considered to be a leader in Architectural Ceramics and one of
the first to develop this field. His new book, "Architectural Ceramics"
will be published this Fall.

This two day workshop will be PACKED FULL of Peter's large scale
construction techniques, discussion, tools, slide show and info that
will catapult your thinking, confidence and work to a new level. We
will build a large architectural ceramic piece to demo Peter's unique
construction and handbuilding methods.

Peter King is a pioneer in the resurgence of architectural ceramics.
For nearly 20 years, hundreds of commissions and thousands of pounds of
clay, Peter has been developing unique and time tested construction
methods for large and small scale ceramics. Peter bends the rules that
most people in clay would never even consider, and they work!

Peter's wife, Xinia Marin - professor of ceramics at the University of
Costa Rica in San Jose, will be assisting Peter during the workshop.

Workshop fee is $175. Register by 7/31 Contact Barbra Kates; or 360-894-7527

Barbra Kates on tue 17 aug 99

The =93Peter King Architectural Ceramic=94 workshop at Architektura in Yelm,
Wa. this past weekend was fantastic. It was a 5 day workshop rolled into
two days=21 With a great group of people participating, excellent
instruction, 2 non-stop awesome assistants, 1300 lbs of clay and 11
hours of total work time, we created a huge sculptural door surround -
sectioned and ready for drying.

Peter and Xinia went full bore for two days, with a fabulous
inspirational slide show each day, unending technical info, exciting
stories, and unforgettable demos. At one point on Sunday, there were at
least 20 people working on the door surround simultaneously. The
workshop was dynamic and full of information. Peter and Xinia are
very generous with ALL of their techniques and information. Peter is so
knowledgeable in this field of Architectural Ceramics, that he can
easily explain the most difficult of concepts or techniques. There are
at least 25 people in the Pacific Northwest, now after attending Peter
and Xinia=92s workshop, who said they couldn=92t wait to get back in their
studios because they are re-energized with so many new ideas and
techniques.=21 Thanks to Peter King, Xinia Marin and all the participants
for making the workshop so successful=21

We were also fortunate to preview Peter=92s new book, =93Architectural
Ceramics for the Studio Potter=94. The book is great. It=92s due out in
September, but you can pre-order it. Check out Peter=92s web site at for ordering info. Also, Peter=92s 6-day
workshop is coming up in his Pensacola, Fl. Studio in October. Give
yourself a gift, and attend, you won=92t regret it=21=21 Peter and Xinia
will return to Architektura next summer to present another workshop in
Washington State. We will keep you posted.

We will host two more exciting workshops at Architektura this year:
=93Hands-On Raku=94 with JOHN HARRIS, Sept. 18
=93Shape and Surface: Innovative Handbuilding Techniques=94 with LANA
WILSON, Nov. 13 =26 14.

Barbra Kates
Yelm, WA.