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firing cone 6 porcelain

updated fri 9 jul 99


Easley on thu 8 jul 99

I, too, use cone 6 porcelain, and fire it exactly the same way I do any =
cone 6 claybody. I do not get it thin enough to be transluscent, so have not=
the fragility problems the Japanese potter mentioned in a previous post. =
and glaze just as you would any other cone 6 clay, and I think you'll be =
fine. I
use an electric kiln, as well. It took a while to get used to the properties=
the clay, but now that I've been using it for some time, I love it. It does =
like a lot of moisture when throwing, as you will find out, and is very =
and nice to feel.
Have fun with your new endeavor=21
Pam, experiencing summer for two days in a row, in clouding-up Seattle.