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blackware firing

updated sat 10 jul 99


Kurt Wild on fri 9 jul 99

This may not be the simple answer to blackware firing techniques that
some might like to see. However, here it is -- get a copy of Leon
Nigrosh's book LOW FIRE and find the section on my triple drum firing
method. I know of at least one person who followed the information in
the book and was successful without ever contacting me personally.

Since the book was published I converted the "triple drum kiln" to gas.
I constructed the outer drum with hardware cloth lined with ceramic
fiber, left a hole in all drums for a pyrometer and can regulate and
fire as hot or as cool as I wish.

I once measured the temp in a bonfire with a pyrometer and found the
temp in the very hotest coals was just about 1600 degrees F. Never did
measure the temp in my wood fired triple drum kiln though.
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