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asheville crafts fair

updated mon 17 jul 00


Bill Aycock on mon 12 jul 99

I will be going to "nomail" tomorrow (Monday) night, in preparation for my
twice-yearly visit to Asheville as the "Principal Support Person" to Iris,
as she shows (and sells) her quilts. You would not believe the images she
puts onto fabric. The images are of plants, and the image color is from
the plant, itself. Her printing press is a machinists dead blow hammer.
Sounds simple- but isn't.

It's a good fair, with a long tradition (last year was the fiftieth year)
and covers most of the crafts. It opens Thursday, and closes Sunday night.
At the Civic Center.

Come see us!

Bill- soon to depart Persimmon Hill for some BIG hills

Restore Mt. Rushmore !

(Think about it)

Bill Aycock on sun 16 jul 00

I hereby make my twice-yearly invitation to one and all to come to the
Crafts Fair of the Southern Highland, next week in Asheville, North Carolina.

It opens on Thursday,(20 July) and runs through Sunday(23 July) at the
Civic Center. This is the 52nd or 53rd year of this fair,(I cant remember,
exactly) Most years there are two- one in July and one in October. This
year, it is the largest ever, with 181 exhibitors (at last count.). Al
kinds of Crafts, modern and traditional.

I will be there as "roady" for Iris, who makes unique quilted items.
(Botanical prints, quilted) Stop by and see us.

Bill- The Demon of Persimmon Hill (who will be "No Mail" starting tomorrow,
for a week)

Bill Aycock --- Persimmon Hill
Woodville, Alabama, US 35776
(in the N.E. corner of the State)
W4BSG -- Grid EM64vr