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^6 porcelain-thanks,and requests

updated tue 13 jul 99


taube wilson on mon 12 jul 99

Hi all,
I wanted to thank everyone who sent a response,
on- or off-list, to my query about firing ^6 porcelain.
I apologize for posting the following requests to the
list but I don't have e-mail addresses for everyone
who offered help:

Lori Pierce: Yes, I would love to have the recipe for
Les Lawrence Clear. Thanks for offering.

Lois Ruben Aronow: Thanks for your response. I would also
love to have your clear recipe, especially since you're
using the same clay(Standard 365) as we are.

Since this is just a small exercise for my class(each
student has 5 lbs of porcelain to play with) I am
hoping that the stoneware clear we have on hand will
suffice. However, I will probably mix at least a test
batch of each of the other recipes that have been suggested.
I will let you all know what works.

Thanks again to all for your generous responses.
Taube Wilson

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