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updated thu 8 jul 99


Jean Lehman on wed 7 jul 99

Am back in Pennsylvania from the Mel Jacobson/Dannon Rhudy workshop at
Nottingham in San Marcos, California! It was fabulous! Those two make a
terrific team and we all had a really fun time while learning so much. I
heartily recommend their workshop -- If you get a chance, by all means take

The facility at Nottingham is first rate... well equipped, and the staff is
friendly, hard working and very well organized. I have been watching them
develop over the past few years, and the work they have done since I was
there in January, is amazing. There was even one person who is a phd
candidate at Davis who spent his vacation working hard to help get things
ready to open. Terry's dream of an art center has been a long one, and he
did everything the right way when he organized the place.

Terry, (AND the gang), thanks for a GREAT week!

Jean... busy packing up to spend a year in San Marcos... and stuggling
with the heat and humidity in PA after a week of non-humid 70's
temperatures in CA.

Jean Lehman, in Lancaster, PA
j_lehman@acad.FandM.EDU (that's an _underscore_ not a hyphen after the j)

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