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juried shows & unions

updated fri 9 jul 99


millie carpenter on wed 7 jul 99

the wonderful thing about clayart for someone like me, is that I learn things
that carry my education beyond the process/aesthetic. I was not aware of
NAIA, especially the process that caused its inception, and what its potential
benefits are for me. And as Tom Wirt suggested, I am exploring their website.
I am sure that it has been mentioned in the past, I wasn't ready for the
information then. So thank everyone for the thread on the unions and the
shows, and thanks to every one for patience and kindness in sharing .

Millie in MD. thankful that my basement studio is cool and damp despite the 100
+ weather that we have had this week.

the Gallaghers on thu 8 jul 99

I think that an important thing to remember is information is only absorbed
when the listener is ready to hear it. There are many things that pass by
me on this list and many repeats of subject, but things have the most
meaning to me when I'm involved in that particular issue. It's a bit
self-centered, but I'm in learning mode at the moment. There are things I
can share on occasion, but rarely, and I can only take in what I'm ready to
learn. That means I have to have absorbed all that has come before, and
that's a lot. Whew!

It's the patience of the teachers (not just those with degrees) on this list
that keeps me coming back for more.