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updated wed 7 jul 99


chris cox on tue 6 jul 99

Some years ago we organised the first potters' market of any
size in the UK. It wasn't intended to be a showcase for the best
potters, just a chance for any potter to put their work infront of the
public. It's my opinion that if the public can't see it they can't buy
it and a jury decides what they can see. By excluding some potters from
the market place they are infact preventing that first step on the
ladder. The event was open to any studio potter trying to make a living
from the sale of his or her own work and 100 potters took part. Numbers
now stand at 200 every year.
It was always our intention to make a level playing field and
applications are accepted on a first come first served basis regardless.
All application forms go out on the same day and in the past well
respected potters only made the waiting list whilst their students who'd
applied earlier got a place. Everyone is seen as equals, there are no
special cases.
Though standards remain mixed, the numbers taking part ensure a
good proportion of well resolved pots. Contrary to establishment fears
standards have infact increased over the years; most accomplished
potters don't see themselves as icons [ the ones with large egos don't
like the race for a place ] and are most willing to share information
and encourage others. The range of potters in various stages of their
development ensures a dynamic that juried shows often lack and mature
potters often find some of the less resolved work exciting.

We now also have a non-juried cyber space competition. Not
entirely true,but only the potters taking part are eligible to vote. No
jury fee is paid and you have to bare your soul by offering your work
for peer scrutiny to earn the right to vote. The prize is miniscule but
taking part is fun.
The reason this competition came about is a lack of interest on
my part as to what paid juries choose. I want to see all the entries,
good and bad and not just what someone else chooses for me.
Last year's entries can be seen on the Potfest web site below.
Anyone wanting to enter by e-mail this year is more than welcome.

Geoff in the English Lake District where today the sun is out. Today
must be summer.
chris & geoff cox