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updated sun 11 jul 99


Antoinette Badenhorst on sat 3 jul 99

Hi again. I would also like to try out some blackfiring. I am not sure
how to tackle this. I believe that one must completely cut off the
oxygen to the pot, but how will I do that and don`t kill the fire?
Can anyone help with a slip , glaze or terra sig. that will help me
create a metallic black.
I have a specific design in mind and I am very frustrated with the
technical way of doing this.
Thanks again.
Antoinette Badenhorst
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Harvey Sadow on sat 10 jul 99

One way to do blackfiring, which is a pretty good recycling method, too
is to build a rectangular box kiln (mine have been approx 3 foot cubes,
open at the top. Mud or mortar the walls so that they are very tight,
not leaky at all. Make a top out of ceramic fiber with ITC coating over
it, attached to a metal or frame. Mine has a cementboard backing to
which the fiber is pinned. I have a burner port at the bottom and a
small port low down in the side that I can stick a funnel into. After
the kiln is fired up to temperature (cherry red to orange), pull out the
brick in the port, stick the end of the funnel into it, and pour a
couple of quarts of used crankcase oil into the kiln. Quickly close the
port up, and mud around the port brick. If there is any smoke coming
out of the kiln, mud up the crack where it is coming out. Unload your
seriously blackfired pieces the next day.

Harvey Sadow