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^10 white with possibilities

updated mon 5 jul 99


Lesley Alexander on sun 4 jul 99

Attention Roger (don't have the rest of your handle) who is intrigued with
Sycamore White:

You might want to use it with the zircopax under some other glazes. I've
tried it under Emily's purple. Interesting results! Will try under some
other glazes as well. Let us know how you come out. I suspect the zircopax
is essential.

Syacmore ^10
Whiting 18.19
Custer 50.19
EPK 12.55
Flint 19.07
Zircopax 25.47

Emily's Purple ^10
Custer 410
Gerst Bor 120
Dolomite 70
Talc 150
Ball Clay 50 (I used Kentucky)
Silica 200

Bentonite 20
Black Cobalt 20 (I used co carbonate, 30)
Tin Oxide 20

Neither of the above glazes run and both can be used thick individually, or
so it seems on a couple of tries!