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updated sat 26 jun 99


patrick terjak on fri 25 jun 99

Well, the dilemma rears its ugly head once again this week!!!
I have
found that I base applying to entry-fee required shows based on a
of factors: 1) is there a lot of prize money offered for more than
one prize?
2) is the show held at a reputable museum or gallery?
3) how expensive will the crating/shipping be for the work
you are submitting?
4) is there a good likelyhood that your work would sell from
the venue if selected for inclusion?
5) have you ever seen an exhibition that was juried by the
juror for this exhibit before(I like Susanne, but have never seen a
show she has juried)
6) do you have reproduction quality images of the works you
are submitting? they just might put you on the cover of the catalog
if your image is really good!?!
7)are they printing a catalog? or do they try to get images
published in another format(periodical/internet)?!?

My feelings are - if they put on really professional exhibits it is
it to submit to fee-based exhibits - I usually apply to about 6-10
per year
just to keep exhibiting all across the US - good luck!

patrick in miami beach -

Jun 1999, Murray & Bacia Edelman wrote:

> ----------------------------Original message----------------------------
> Dear Friends: The subject of juried shows has been through the wash and
> wrung out many times.
> I have to get personal to ask for suggestions re my dilemma. I am now
> looking at an application form for OUT OF CLAY II which is to be juried by
> Susanne Stephenson, whose work I admire. Slides due by June 30th.
> The application states that besides "Artists pay all shipping costs", not
> unusual any more, and the jurying fee, that "All reasonable care will be
> taken with your works and slides but we will assume no liability for damage
> or loss of any kind from any cause." All I can say is Wow! And why am I
> still feeling competitive enough to submit to this?
> Most of you know I have been kicking around for decades, finished grad
> school 49 yrs. ago, which makes me "elderly" though I sure don't feel or
> even look it. So why do I even try for some of these shows? My work has
> appeared in books. There is the Y2K show for cyberspace, which costs
> nothing except parting forever with a slide. You can't help me answer
> that. I cannot do what Mel (I mean mel) suggests because I don't produce
> quantities of functional work and thus have an open gallery for all within
> 50 miles.
> I have new work of which I am very proud. A prince of a potter in the
> area allowed me to place 5 pieces in his anagama kiln fired for 8 days!!
> and they are the best pieces I have made in ages. I have a gallery
> representing me in Door County, WI but those recent works might end up just
> stored there because they sell mostly paintings and outdoor sculpture. So
> I am considering this OUT OF CLAY show in Dexter, MI, a suburb of Ann
> Arbor, I hear.
> I kind of wonder how badly those of us who compete need to part with the
> $20 jury fee ($5 additional if more than 3 submitted works) plus U.P.S.
> both ways and plus maybe purchasing new boxes if necessary, plus commission
> if sold. Sure, I am using you all as a sounding board, but what do you
> think if juried shows are in your realm???? Is the artist shafted?
> I am grateful that I can use my cyberfriends to consult for reaction and
> thank you very much for listening to all this.
> Bacia Edelman Madison, Wisconsin