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updated sat 26 jun 99


Julie Tremblay on thu 24 jun 99

Hi listers,

I was wondering if anyone could help me. I am looking for an article in
an old copy of Ceramics Monthly - the june-july-august 92. They had a
paper on fountains. I can't find it. Would someone having this article
be willing to fax it to me? Can we fax with a collect call?!?
Just in case, here is my fax #: (514) 590-0803.
Thanks a lot!

Montreal, Quebec

Ama-terasu Artworks on fri 25 jun 99

If you get that article on fountains, could you pass it along to me? Mail
or fax let me know.

Thanks, Wendy Meeres

Anne Hunt on fri 25 jun 99

Ditto on the fountain article...I'd be happy to send a fax


anne & cats