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new ceramic ....artist ???

updated sat 19 jun 99


Wendy Rosen on thu 17 jun 99

After 20 years of buying ceramics... last night I took my first class...
pinch pots and coil pots at Clayworks in Baltimore. Had a great time
(after I cut off all my fingernails) and was surprised at what
can be learned (by my fellow students) in one short evening...
Don't worry ... I won't have enough saleable stuff for the July show!
(Will mud come out in the wash?)

I attended 3 Rivers Art Fair this weekend in Pittsburgh...
there seems to be some rumbling about "why aren't all the
regulars at the summer shows?" ... they're home making work
for shops and galleries I assume.

There seems to be a real need in most shows for larger and
more sculptural ceramics in the $300-$600 (wholesale)
range... all those purchases are going to the glass exhibitors
who have lots of work in that price point...

Where is all the stuff that's bigger than a chip & dip?

If anyone wants to attend the July show in Philly (July 30-Aug 1)
please let us know... we're glad to have artists (and students)

Wendy :}}}

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L.P. Skeen on fri 18 jun 99

Wendy Rosen wrote:

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> After 20 years of buying ceramics... last night I took my first class...
> (Will mud come out in the wash?)

Mud might, but clay probably won't. Unless it was a white claybody. The
RIO in clay is a real stain monster.

Good luck w/ your class!
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