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local reduction copper red glaze recipes from recent ceramics monthly

updated thu 17 jun 99


Thonas C. Curran on wed 16 jun 99

Help! I have spent literally hours over the past couple of days
searching for recent issues of Ceramics Monthly with article about local
reduction copper reds, and they are nowhere to be seen. Now that I have
received my order of sample frits and color mixes, I want to do some
experimenting. My intern is coming tomorrow, and glaze making is
something I'd like to her to try her hand at. I would appreciate it if
some good soul who isn't rushed for time would e mail the recipes to me
at! (If I send this posting, then perhaps my
mystery issues will re-appear before tomorrow. Why does this happen when
we clean up for house guests???)
Thanks in advance, and I'll do the same for you some day! Cheers from
Carolyn who also hopes weather will be good next week for reduction
firing outside!