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gregg's red, ^6. food for thought.

updated wed 16 jun 99


Josh Lynch on tue 15 jun 99

In high school we were given a glaze to use called Gregg's red. My
teacher had picked it up as a student at West Virginia Wesleyan
college. He said that it was named after a student who discovered it.
two years go by...

A week ago I visited potter Brian Vanostrand (former West Virginia
Wesleyan teacher). I showed him a test tile of Gregg's Red. He said,
"Oh yeah you got that from your high-school teacher didn't you?"

I said, "Yeah, but its the same recipe as a glaze I got from the
internet called Randy's Red."

He was awestruck. He said that he had altered a ^10 glaze years ago
and named it after his assistant, Gregg. Then he said, "Well, I hear
that the plans to my blunger are on the internet too."

Who's Randy?

Amused in West Virginia. JOSH
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