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pricing custom firing

updated tue 15 jun 99


Herb Moses on sat 12 jun 99

Hello. Can anyone give me some advice, or relate their experiences, pricing
custom firing? Since energy costs vary greatly, anything like how much to =
up from our actual cost of the firing would be especially helpful.

And yes, I have thought about the dangers of firing other people's work, =
told people they should use my clay, and must be responsible for shelf
accidents. But I haven't quite figured out what to do about someone else's =
that ruins a whole kiln load of mine...

thanks in advance

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Palm Springs, CA 92262

Sharon R Pemberton on mon 14 jun 99

I charge by kiln/shelf space and what is in the kiln. whole, half, third,
quarter, and so on. I do not fire anyone's work if they cannot provide me
with info on their clay. If they even sound a bit hesitant, I ask for a small
piece of clay and first test fire it in a dish. You may not know it, but
ruining other pieces of work is secondary to trashing, and it is trashed, a
kiln. And believe me, this happens more often than you can imagine. Nothing
like molton clay to give a new meaning to the words, immovable object.

Your electric/gas co will tell you how to figure you kiln cost.

Pax, Pug