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recommended glaze books...and glaze materials...

updated wed 9 jun 99


susanford on tue 8 jun 99

I'm going to be switching from cone 10 reduction to cone 6
oxidation soon, and will need to start buying glaze
materials (for home). Without knowing what recipes I'll be
settling on, which materials should I order to start?

Also, any good books on glazes, especially cone 6 ox.?

I have the following books:

Clay and Glazes for the Potter
The Complete Book of Clay and Glazes
Copper Reds
Celedon Blues
Ash Glazes - Tichane
Ash Glazes - Rogers
The Ceramic Spectrum - which for some reason makes no sense
to me whatsoever. Don't know why.
and Elecric Kiln Ceramics.

Don't be too impressed with my list, I'm pretty much still
a "follow the recipe" glaze tester. I am slowly gaining a
bit of understanding of the materials, but pretty much
essentially a beginner. Tichane's books are pretty far over
my head, but I have hope of understanding them someday. I
wish I had access to a class in this...

Susan K. Ford
Norman, Oklahoma