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quailty of shows

updated sun 6 jun 99


Carol Jackaway on sat 5 jun 99

I understand the longing to see more cutting edge work at craft shows, but
most shows have a variety of clay work. Cutting edge work at most fine craft
shows doesn't sell well. If you want to make a living at these shows you
have to create items in your own personnal style that customers will want to
buy. And find shows that have you customers. My opinon is that most cutting
edge work is at galleries, and this is where you should be looking.
I make hand formed items that are original designs and "they are pretty".
Just because things are pretty doesn't mean they can't be unique,
funcitional, and enjoyed.
We want to make money at what we like to do, and some times current trends
find their way into our work. Is this a bad thing? Not if it pays the
bills and allows you to create what you want and enjoy.
Just my 2 cents
Carol Jackaway
Carol's Clay Fantasies
Parkside Pa.