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dream kiln & insulation feedback

updated sat 5 jun 99


Ditmar/Gayle on fri 4 jun 99

Aloha Arnold,

Not as pottery feedback, but as info for my needs in glass casting.

It basically amounts to energy savings. Here on Maui we're paying
about 13+ cents / kW. I would like to have a kiln with more substantial
insulation to make it more efficient. Slowed cooling is exactly what I

Many fusers and slumpers can get away with fibre insulation and less
thermal mass since their cycles are relatively shorter.
For casting however, my SHORT firings are 3 days. With long annealing times
I need to FIRE all the way back down to 200-250 degrees. That means $$$$$
I have concept / test pieces in my notebooks and "mind's eye" that I'm not
actively working on because of firing cost. They need about a 2 - 3 WEEK
fire / anneal time.
More insulation / thermal mass and reduced heat loss mean better control of
annealing for me at less cost.

Hell, I'd love a kiln with 9" walls if I could afford it right now.

From Alohaland, Ditmar.