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working with underglaze

updated mon 31 may 99


LORRIE HNATIUK on fri 28 may 99

Hi Scott,

The digest is getting away on me --- haven't had time to read it regularly
till recently, but wanted to put my 2 cents worth in regarding your
question. I've been working with clay on the wheel only for a couple
years, and enjoy it emensely! I have mostly been using slip or underglaze
for design & color on my pots.... instead of coloured glazes. I have
little room to work and do not want to carry a whole bunch of glazes (so
far anyway...) and have found that underglazes work great -- allows for
more creativity too. I paint entire pots with underglaze (good thing I'm
not a production potter eh? could get expensive) then paint designs over
this with other colours ... and bisque fire at .06... then dip my pots in a
clear glaze & fire to ^6. I prefer using underglaze rather than slip,
especially when all I use is a brush to apply it (wish I had a spray
booth!).... when using slip, it seems that I have to use more to get good
coverage, whereas underglaze seems to cover better (I use several coats on
brown clay).

Sure would appreciate it if anyone else has any tips or advice on using
underglaze under a clear glaze or design techniques with underglaze.

Saskatoon, SK

Carol Baker on sun 30 may 99

I use underglazes on bisque and have had great success by wetting the bisque
first. I keep it wet while I paint by putting a wet towel underneath. What
^6 clear glaze and clay do you use?
Thanks for sharing - Carol and the blue cat