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ups delivery charge increase

updated sat 29 may 99 on fri 28 may 99

Given the recent discussion about UPS I am forwarding this post
from another Vermont artist. I know there are many others in rural areas
around the country
who will feel the hit of this new UPS policy.

Eleanora......we got our vegetable garden all planted.....and mulched.....

> UPS is giving us the shaft so to speak as well as many small businesses
>in Vermont(and rural America). We invite you to join us in an attempt to
>make them and any of their competitors (RPS in particular) justify re
>classifying rural Vermont/US businesses as residences when they are
>honest businesses.
> We are in possession of their "residential delivery
" and want only to alert you to the fact that if your
>business is in any way connected to a residence (not necessarily
>your residence)
your suppliers are or will be charged for
>residential delivery to your business. Of course they will bill you
>accordingly. This applies to anyone as the delivery guidelines
>specifically mention farms, vets, dentists and even store
> What does this mean to you? How about an example. A three pound package
>shipped within Zone 2 to your business would cost $3.07 if you were
>designated a commercial delivery. Since you are no longer a "commercial
>delivery" they add $1 to the package. 3 pounds Zone 2 is now $4.07. Wait,
>there is more. 98% of Vermont zip codes are designated as "rural" so now
>you are hit with another $1 making the cost of shipping that package
> Remember it is per package not per stop. If you are like us you receive
>multiple packages per delivery so when the UPS truck stops here they net
>$2 per box for multiple boxes and don't do anything to deserve it.
>Vermont is especially hard hit and Senator
>Leahy's small business office wants to hear from you. How much money will
>this take out of the Vermont economy? Are you having other problems with
>transportation firms that may be a result of deregulation.
> You can contact Fred Kenny, Senator Leahy's small business specialist

>Or Write:Senator Patrick Leahy
>PO Box 933
>VT 05601
>ATTN: Fred Kenny
>Mr. Kenny has been forwarded all our communication thus far and is aware
>of the situation. Legally nothing can be done but UPS (and others) don't
>take kindly to bad press especially since UPS's CEO is being hailed as
>the guru of the transportation industry. If enough of us complain there
>will be bad press.

Eleanora Eden 802 869-2003
Paradise Hill
Bellows Falls, VT 05101