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ceramic workshops at atelier cirkel in belgium

updated wed 2 jun 99


Russel Fouts on tue 25 may 99

Patty Wouters sent me the list of up-coming ceramics related workshops for
1999 at her Atelier Cirkel. She'll send me the full translations later but
in the interest of getting the info out there, I'll do my best to translate
the Dutch.

5-10 July, from 10-16 o'clock:
- Pottery for Beginners with Winny Weerts (Belgium)

23-27 August, from 10-16 o'clock:
- A Pottery workshop with Don Davis (USA)
- Paperclay and Paper Kiln with Patty Wouters (Belgium)

25-26 September, from 10-17 o'clock:
- A Porcelain workshop with Astrid Gerhartz (Germany)

Master Classes
2-5 November, from 10-17 o'clock:
- Decal Magic with Giovanni Cimatti (Italy)

2-4 November, from 10-17 o'clock:
- Ceramic Decorating Techniques for Porcelain with Peter Lane (UK)

Date to be announced:
- Big Pots with Jan Winkels (Belgium)

For more information, write Patty at or call +32 3 633 05 89

Hope I haven't made too much of a hash out it.

Russel (ik spreek NIX Nederlans)

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jeaniejones on tue 1 jun 99

Thanks for the invitations! Now here is one for you!

June 11, 12, 13th 1999 in Lubbock, Texas at the SCHOOL OF ART with Todd Camp
of Columbus, Ohio. Todd is a very experimental potter with his firing,
throws large pieces, even combining some of them, has a reputation for being
exciting in his presentations. He will show slides of his work on Friday
night and give a lecture. Fee: $50 for the weekend. ALSO: School of Art
is located on 7 1/2 acres with studios suitable for bedrolls and cots, no
charge.. Plenty of parking space for campers and tents with no charge. A
real chuck-wagon cook will be preparing meals for a fee, and as Mother of
Ten, now with my 11th (8 years old) I will cook biscuits for breakfast in
the kiln in my granddaddy's "candy pan" 24" square. (He had a candy shop
and used the pan to make candy in.)

We promise you a good time and you will learn LOTS! email: