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updated tue 25 may 99


Berry Silverman on mon 24 may 99

We ship everything UPS, double boxed, and have almost
no breakage. But it should be pointed out that
although UPS touts very small price increases (beware
that new pamphlet delivered every January!), they
often add what I consider hidden increases. This
year, they reduced the size for what they consider an
oversize box to 84" --- measured as girth plus length.
The minimum billable weight for an oversize box is 30
lbs. This means, for example, that pottery packed in a
14" inside box, which must be boxed in an 18" outer
box, is now oversize, and minimum charges will be for
a 30-lb. shipment, even if it only weighs 10 lbs. You
should keep this in mind if you estimate shipping
charges for your customer.

As for RPS, the word I hear from customers is that
although their service is comparable to UPS, they
don't pay on claims. Don't know whether that's a nasty
rumor or honest truth.

Berry Silverman, Tucson, Arizona -- back at home after
a week in New Orleans, where the food _was_ good, but
we didn't see a single green vegetable on a plate,
other than iceberg lettuce, which in my book doesn't
really count.

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