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teapot -giggle

updated tue 25 may 99


Valerie Mann on mon 24 may 99

Here's a giggle for your cloudy Sunday afternoon!! I worked for ages
putting on some new glazes in stripes and firing and then coming back
with more glazes and on the teapot lid I put a sundflower and the
little knob in the middle was the middle of the sunflower....I was so
excited to get it in the kiln that I forgot to take of the lid...they
are now fused together....hmmm...on the bright side of this...I
thought I would give it to someone and then watch while they try to
open the teapot.....LOL....never done that before...almost but always
catch myself in time....oh are you having a laugh?
Bright Blessings, Val Mann
London ON Canada
ICQ # 1592406