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fw: ups..has some nerve!!

updated tue 25 may 99


Amy Ramsey on sun 23 may 99

Hey Guys,
Lets not get all up in arms too quickly. I work at a gallery in Bend, OR
with an enormous display of clay (as pottery & sculpture). Not only does
UPS pick up and deliver to and from our door, the driver usually has a joke
to tell, too!

We have NEVER lost a piece to shipping with UPS and we are VERY happy with
them. I'm sorry for the gal that first began this post. Maybe she should
contact the main company with her complaint.

As for us, God Bless the UPS man! (and he's finally wearing shorts--does
that mean it's truly Summer?) ;)

Amy Ramsey

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Sent: Saturday, May 22, 1999 6:14 AM
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Oh my God... if what you say is true about the sign at UPS... this is pure
bullsh** by UPS! Let's find out if this is true, get all the facts, then if
it is, organize ourselves and let us be heard. They can't single us out like
this, simply can't

By the way, I've never had one pot break in a UPS shipment, but then I
carefully wrap my pieces in bubble wrap, pack in styro peanuts, and box
then... that box goes into an huge box with other small boxes packed
similarly and more styro-peanuts are packed around those smaller boxes.
"Double-boxing" seems to be the way to go for my work anyways. I can't
imagine UPS not allowing us to ship pottery if it's packed correctly... this
sounds ludicrous.

Ken Nowicki

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