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student k-12 2000 teapot poster

updated mon 24 may 99


Linda Arbuckle on sun 23 may 99

Dave Gamble has extended the deadline for the K-12 teapot poster to Nov.

The full-color Student Artist (K-12) 2000 Teapot Poster will be
published and distributed nationally by AMACO (American Art Clay Co,
Inc.) and Brent. Applications are open to any student in grades K-12.
Entries open to functional, non-functional, and sculptural galze pieces.

All entries must be produced in some association with AMACO/Brent
products or equipment (glazes, wheels, kilns, etc.). Entried will be
judged on creativity and quality. all entry forms must be accompanied by

a high-quality 35 mm color slide photographed on a light gray
background. Slides can not be returned.
AMACO Student Artist (K-12) 2000 Teapot Poster
Name of Piece:
Clay Body:
Type of Wheel Used:
Type of Slabroller Used:
Type of Extruder Used:
AMACO Glaze Used:
Other Glazes Used:
Method of Firing:
Type of Kiln Used:
Art Teacher's Name:
School Address:
Teacher's Phone:

(note: they didn't ask for student artist's name, but I'd think they
want this info... )
Mail to:
K-12 2000 Teapot Poster
David Gamble
Amercian Art Clay Co. Inc.
4717 W. 16th St.
Indianapolis, IN 46222