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updated sun 23 may 99


Deborah Bouchette on sat 22 may 99

Why, oh why, would you buy a Skutt in Portland when it costs SO MUCH more than b
Skutt doesn't sell direct.
Skutt KM-1227 (automatic, cone 8) in two catalogs:
$1850.00 Portland distributor 1998 price (& prices went up in 99 again)
and I asked, even for a business, "no discounts on kilns"
$1375.00 Florida distributor 1999 price (& when you call, it's often less)
even with shipping, the savings is a LOT OF CLAY

Deborah A. Bouchette
+1.503.690.2448 phone/fax

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if i lived in portland, man oh, man....i would buy a skutt in a heart/beat.
it would be like buying clay in nova scotia and shipping it to portland
to make pots.
makes no sense.
buy local.