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amaco 2000 teapot poster

updated mon 24 may 99


Linda Arbuckle on sun 23 may 99

Dave Gamble from Amaco said the deadline for this has been moved to a
later date of Nov. 1, 1999.
The full-color Teapot Poster will be published and distributed
nationally by AMACO (American Art Clay Co, Inc.) and Brent. Applications
are open to both amateur and professional artists who work in clay.
Entries open to functional, non-functional, and sculptural galze pieces.
All entries must be produced in some association with AMACO/Brent
products or equipment (glazes, wheels, kilns, etc.). Entried will be
judged on creativity and quality. all entry forms must be accompanied by
a high-quality 35 mm color slide photographed on a light gray
background. Slides can not be returned.
AMACO 2000 Teapot Poster
Name of Piece:
Clay Body:
Type of Wheel Used:
Type of Slabroller Used:
Type of Extruder Used:
AMACO Glaze Used:
Other Glazes Used:
Method of Firing:
Type of Kiln Used:
Applicant's Name:
Applicant's Address:
Appicant's Phone:
Mail to:
2000 Teapot Poster
David Gamble
Amercian Art Clay Co. Inc.
4717 W. 16th St.
Indianapolis, IN 46222