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why not cone 8

updated sat 15 may 99


Wade Blocker on fri 14 may 99

The reason for not firing at cone 8 is ecological. About twenty years ago
there was a big drive in California to conserve natural resources,
including water and electricity, particularly in Southern California. I
used to fire in the cone 8 to l0 range. I then started to fire at lower
temperatures, namely cone 5 to 6. I gave up my gas kiln, and fire
exclusively in my electirc kiln, which actually is designed to fire to cone
l0. My glazes are more colorful now . I found that in New Mexico my former
copper reds, celadons and temmoku glazed items did not sell as well as my
present palette, also my electric bills are lower, my kiln repairs fewer
and my glaze firings faster. Mia