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turquoise glaze ^7-8

updated fri 14 may 99


David James on wed 12 may 99

Hi all

Anybody have a cone 7-8 turquoise glaze (ox) to share - one that doesn't
contain barium carbonate? All the ones I can find in the right temperature
range have barium.

Many thanks

David James
South Africa

Suzanne Jebaily on thu 13 may 99

I've fired this glaze to cone 4 and 6 ox and 10 reduction...believe it or not
it is lovely at each temp I've's called Val's Turquoise, cone 5-9.
I found it on clayart months ago...

Val's Turquoise
Cone 5-9

Custer Feldspar 27.60
Gerstley Borate 16.87
Flint 21.32
Whiting 08.82
Dolomite 02.90
Copper Carbonate 02.34
Bentonite 00.80

Good luck!
Suzanne in SC