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thanks for underglaze help!

updated sat 15 may 99


Scott James on fri 14 may 99

Just wanted to thank everyone who responded to my underglaze dilemma.

You all gave wonderful suggestions.

Here is the update. I have made up about 50 test tiles and am trying
different things. I have applied duncan EZStrokes and Concepts to greenware
and fired to 04 (experimenting with different thicknesses.) Colors turned
out great. The EZstrokes fired with a rough finish (like dry paint) while
the Concepts fired with a glossy finish. Next, I have applied the Concepts
to 04 bisque tiles in varying thicknesses. I have about 3 transparent ^5
glazes that I am going to try. (THANKS everyone who gave me transparent
recipes!) I will apply the transparent to ALL the tiles and fire to ^5.
Then we'll see what turns out the best.

I think it may take longer to find a transparent I like than getting the
underglazes right! :-)

Thanks again,