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soda/salt in s.fl?

updated sun 2 may 99


elise pincu on sat 1 may 99

Hi everyone.

I am interested in finding a soda or salt kiln in Miami or Ft.
Lauderdale area. I may have to move to this area of the world for a
year or so. If anyone knows someone or a cooperative studio in the
South Florida area with a soda or salt kiln I would greatly appreciate
getting their contact info or you could send my e-mail address to them
: If they are not e-mail accessable, I can send my
snail mail directly to you to give to them.

I would like to rent the kiln once a month or once every other month.

Thanks so much for your help!

Elise Pincu
Elise Willa Pincu
Pincu Pottery
Funktional Ceramic Art
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