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simple electric firing?????

updated fri 7 may 99


Vivianne Escolar on thu 6 may 99

Hear! hear! I have been doing the exact same simple firing, 2-3 hours on
low same on medium and then high till it reaches temperature for years
and I seem to get good results, pretty much! The kiln sitter turns it
off. And the only difference I can tell is the amount of time it takes
to get to temperature depending on how tightly the kiln is packed. Maybe
it has something to do with having worked in clay mostly in tropical
countries, ie.outside temperature does not fluctuate very much therefore
firing conditions are pretty similar. What does fluctuate is the
humidity, which basically means you dry everything longer prior to
firing. The firing process seems to have been made a breeze by the kiln
sitter. Put your mini bar in and off you go. I did the cone thing on
the shelves but came to the same conclusion , it all seemed to be quite
even, except for right at the bottom. And now I'm bored with it and I
now definitely want a gas kiln 'cause I get to play with fire!!
Vivi, absolutely numb from the heat!!