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potter's electric kilns

updated fri 30 apr 99


Carolynn Palmer on thu 29 apr 99

After almost 25 years of firing in electric kilns (right now I have 7
Crusaders of varying ages) and having everything on them crumble sooner or
later (I even have one that the stainless steel jacket has gotten so thin
that all of the straps that hold it together gave way and I couldn't find
enough solid metal left in the jacket to pop rivet them to so that I could
replace them=21)
- if I could build the perfect kiln it would have=85

The ability to actually fire to cone 10 reliably, smoothly and quickly, time
after time, year after year.

Heftier and longer lasting insulation. (I can always tell when the =
is dying because the kilns start cooling down a lot quicker=21)

Sturdier firebrick, especially in the lid. Every kiln I own has had at =
a half dozen lid replacements.

Stronger, longer lasting elements and firebrick that is actually grooved =
enough to contain the elements always.

No hinges on the lid - or other metal pop riveted parts that fall off after =
few firings.

A simpler, easier accessed, system for the wiring to the elements and
switches, so that repairs could be done quicker and with less effort.

No electronics necessary for me, I use the mechanical kiln sitter along with
guide cones in the kiln.

Carolynn Palmer, Somerset Center, Michigan