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odyssey summer workshops

updated wed 3 may 00


Mark Burleson on wed 28 apr 99

Odyssey Center for the Ceramic Arts in Asheville, NC will host the
following workshops this summer. For more information, please re to or phone 828.285.0210.

Photographic Imaging on Clay
with Mark Burleson
July 19 - July 23, 1999

Workshop Description: Silkscreen printing, ceramic decal production,
photocopy transfers and monoprinting on clay will be covered in this
workshop. We will also consider the aesthetic and technical development
of forms that are approprioate for the application of photographic
transfers onto clay. This class is opent ot beginning and advanced
students. $275.00+ $40 material fee

Dishin': Narrative Surface Decoration
with George Bowes
July 12 - 16, 1999

Workshop Description:
Using red earthenware clay, we will throw and handbuild simple
utilitarian forms. With colored slips and underglaze, we will embellish
our surfaces with stories from daily life - from the mundane to the
sensational. Work will be once fired to cone 03. In discussing the
finished objects, we will examine the role of table manners in the new

Pit Fired Ceramics
with Jim Whalen
June 7-11, 1999

Workshop Description:
Instruction in the fundamentals of the pit firing process, combined with
a number of surface coloration and wheel throwing techniques will
provide students in this workshop with a strong foundation for
experimentation and self expression. Topics covered will include
burnishing, making and applying terra sigillata, sawdust and salt pit
firing and other techniques and helpful hints.

Thrown and Altered Stoneware
with Linda McFarling
June 14-18, 1999

Workshop Description:
This workshop will offer students with basic and advanced skills an
opportunity to expand basic forms from the wheel by combining them with
darting, stretching, faceting and other altering techniques.
Experimentation with various techniques will be encouraged to develop
individual modes of expression.

Glaze Development for Raku
with Steven Forbes-DeSoule
June 21-25, 1999

Workshop Description:
Glaze development and raku firing will be the focus of this clay class.
During the first part of the week, students will learn how to alter
existing glazes or formulate new ones to develop their personal glaze
palette. The remainder of the week will focus on raku firing
techniques, kiln construction and safety considerations.

Wheel Thrown & Handbuilt Ceramics
with Terry Gess
June 28 - July 2, 1999

Workshop Description:
This workshop will center on developing functional wares through wheel
thrown, handbuilt and combined forming techniques. Through lots of
practice, demonstrations, exercises and slide shows, this workshop will
help you to improve as a potter and expand the functional and aesthetic
depth of your work.

Ceramic Tile: Technique, Layout & Design
with Gloria Kosco
July 5 - 9, 1999

Workshop Description:
This workshop will be a forum for tile makers and enthusiasts to explore
and challenge their perception of tile layout and design.
Demonstrations will include tile making and installation techniques,
with the primary direction being the development and presentation of
tile patterns, layout and application. Presentations and discussions
will center around the many tile conventions used and questioned
throughout time.

Reduction Fired Porcelain
with Susan Filley
July 26-30, 1999

Workshop Description:
During this workshop Susan will demonstrate throwing and altering
porcelain forms from the wheel. Students will learn slip decorating
techniques and discuss cone 10 reduction firing of porcelain wares.
This class will conclude with a cone 10 reduction firing and discussion
of the reduction firing process.

Mark Burleson on tue 2 may 00

Odyssey Center for the Ceramic Arts in Asheville, NC will host the following
workshops this summer and fall. To register or for more information please
phone 828.285.0210 or eMail to

The following are one week intensive workshops. Low cost housing is =
for these workshops through the University of North Carolina at Asheville.
Single room/ =24100.00 per week, shared room / =2485 per week. The cost of
registration for the classes is =24290.00.


June 5 - 9 Nick Joerling: Developing Pottery Forms
June 12 - 16 Linda McFarling: Thrown and Altered Forms
June 19 - 23 Sylvie Granatelli: The Language of Pottery
June 26 - 30 Leah Leitson: Functional Teapots
July 10 - 14 Suze Lindsay: Beginning to Throw
July 17 - 21 Kathy King: Color and Surface for cone 6.
June 24 - 28 Carol Gentithis: Animal Inspired Vessels
July 31 - Au 4 Penny Truitt: Handbuilding for Raku

We also have a one day demonstration only workshop on October 16 with Tom
Spleth. The subject of this workshop will be mold making for potters,
focusing primarily on press molding. the cost for this workshop is 50.00
(includes lunch).

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