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non-mason stains

updated tue 4 may 99


Linda Arbuckle on mon 3 may 99

Columbus Clay in Columbus, OH, has a list of end-lot stains by a number
of manufacturers (e.g. O'Hommel, Pemco, Ferro). Last time I called them
there was a fee for the sheet of non-Mason stains, and that could
applied toward purchase. You can purchase small samples and test the
colors. Their photo-copied list of non-Mason stains has the coloring
oxides listed and anything you should know... temperatures, glaze bases,
etc. Once the colors are sold out, they're gone. I've found some shades
that are interesting, slightly different than what Mason offers.

Columbus Clay
1080 Chambers Rd.
Columbus, OH 43212
(614) 488-9600

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