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new kid .....longish

updated tue 4 may 99


Cara on mon 3 may 99

Hi KC=21

In my opinion, a good book to start out with since you are using an electric
kiln would be Richard Zakin's Electric Kiln Ceramics. That way you don't =
to worry about getting info about gas kilns and reduction and all the other
stuff until you are ready for it. It's a good basic book, but there are =
others, too=21=21

Now about all the different (and conflicting) info you are =
one of the problem/joys of working with clay. It seems like everybody has a
different way of doing things.... There is no right way of doing a lot of
things in clay (except safety). For example, I single-fire my pots, as do
others on this list, but a lot of books and some potters will tell you it
can't/shouldn't be done. I did it anyway.... and it works for me. So, yes,
there is a lot of experimentation involved. To me it sounds like you need =
basics so you can sort things out, and then decide how you want to do =
Hopefully, you will get some more recommendations on good basic books to get=
started=21 Also, you can check out the archives.... The info on them is in =
e-mail that you receive when you subscribe to ClayArt. Lot's of good stuff

If you need any help with any of this you can e-mail me privately..... I'm a
relative newbie (hate that word but I can't think of another one to use=21)
compared to a lot of people on this list, but I'm willing to have my brained
picked=21 So if you think I can help, feel free to write=21=21