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jump hard/crap tools

updated sat 8 may 99


mel jacobson on mon 3 may 99

went to an auction this weekend.
great tools on sale.
snap on.........many more. craftsman.(what a concept.)

the best.
but, many old, crappy ones too.
bent, broken, one size fits all.
i want to get under my tractor with those who like
chinese, k-mart tools.
take off that 3/4 inch bolt........frozen in place.
you take the tool, you pull as hard as you can.
i will watch.
it is your hand that will crunch against the steel.
snap on........craftsman, they do not break, bend, slip off.
lyle say's........piss on bad tools if you work all day with them.
`i will send a story of lyle.`
don't be in the same county if you break a tool on lyle's hands.
he will kick your butt to the next county.
be resourceful, i agree.........but do it with good tools if you
do it all day, day after day.
if you take one bolt off a year, resourceful....with chinese
bargain tools.
i have them too.
and send all of your hard brick to tonyc.........c.o.d.
he loves them. he is going to make a road.
if you create a standard of health, hardness, quality.
if you take good care of yourself, don't compromise.
if you make pots that will last, make customers happy for
ages to come.
that is a standard.
aesthetics will always change, a fashion.
but a standard of excellence will always endure.
tools, pots, houses, doctors, lawyers, engineers.
films, people.
do your best, be your best.
design your best.
buy the best that you can understand.
it will endure through your great, great grandchildren.


Anne Hunt on fri 7 may 99

mel - "piss on bad tools if you work all day with them."
Is it the uric acid that does it? Should the tools be soaked? Or does a
spritz, as with WD-40, work?
Can it be used in place of hydrogen peroxide for de-bugging smelly
recycled clay slurry?
Would it be classed as a flocculant or deflocculant? Would ingestion of
different foods alter its molecular structure, ergo, applications and uses?
Just curious.


anne & =^..^=