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glaze calculations

updated mon 23 dec 02


L Ewing on sat 1 may 99

Hi Scott,

The Matrix website has a large alphabetically listed collection of materials
with indexes linked to the data for each material. This resource may be =
you are looking for. The URL is:

The link to the materials lits is on the opening page.


Lawrence Ewing

Senior Lecturer in Ceramics
School of Art
Otago Polytechnic

21 Slant St
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ph 03 472 8801

Author of Matrix Glaze Calculation Software for Macintosh =26 Windows95

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From: Scott Harding
Sent: Friday, April 30, 1999 11:56 PM
Subject: glaze calculations

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Hi everybody,
I'm new to the clayart list.

I was wondering if any of can help me obtain a glaze materials database.
I would like to download a data file which contains common chemicals
with formulas to use in my glaze calculation program. I am (attempting)
writing my own program using the Perl programming language.

Why am I writing my own glaze calculation software? Well, all I have at
my disposal is a workstation which runs on the UNIX operating system. I
therefore cannot run any free glaze calculation software because they
run on PC's or McIntosh.

Or, if any one knows of a web site that runs interactively, that would
be even better.

Any help would surely be appreciated=21

Scott Harding

Bill Edwards on sun 22 dec 02


Ababi, I noticed a difference in your glaze
calculations compared to mine. This is what I expected
on a glaze that could be tricky. I also note that you
used Matrix which I did for the Edwards Red. Now we
will have to compare materials and their up-dates and
see how close a match can be made between your
materials and mine. Contact me off list in a few days
since I will be gone. Its a matter of imputting the
correct and latest up-dates in the system and finding
out if we do have the same materials or equal
materials to use? I think most of my chemicals I have
on hand now are correctly installed with the
manufactuers specs. Who knows? Its a full time job
keeping up.
For the record your expansion was much lower and a
showed a difference as well in surface tension. Can
you send me the specs you are using on Neph Syen so I
can take a look there.

Well its time to go see the family and have some yule
time in the mountains. Take care and Merry Christmas

William Edwards


Bill Edwards
PO Box 267
Lafayette, AL, 36862

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