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fountain pumps (electric cords)

updated tue 4 may 99 on mon 3 may 99

Hi Faye, and other pump fans!

What I suggest you do, if the round pump cords are problematic, is to
replace the cord with a less visible, yet flexible water-resistant
loudspeaker wire. Since outdoor speaker systems often require 18 guage or 16
guage wire (what you'll also find on pumps), one could go to an electronic
supply store (Radio Shack, for instance), and find a clear (all you see is
the wire, not the plastic shielding it) outdoor electrical wire, to replace
the pump wire. Thus, you have an unobtrusive, yet water-resistant cord for
your pump. Caveat: Clear wire is not an inexpensive replacement wire! You may
want to find someone with rewiring talent, if you are unable to replace the
wire yourself.

Milton NakedClay
Yucca Valley, CA

Just ended a weekend retreat for 8 city dwellers, here at the ranch.

Faye wrote:
I did get one of their smallest available pumps; it had a thick round cord
which is not very flexible and thus is very obvious compared to the one
Aftosa sells which has a flexible smaller flat cord. That's the only
difference I could discern. The round cord made it difficult to arrange
the pump in the fountain.

Did anyone else have problem with cords' thickness and, therefore,
flexibility? How did you handle it?