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climbing kiln firing workshop

updated tue 4 may 99


John Baymore on mon 3 may 99

With all the other workshop listing happening on the list recently,
I guess it is about time for me to add this one in:

Wilton, NH- River Bend Pottery and John Baymore will once
again host the annual =22Earth, Water, and Fire=22 wood firing
workshop first offered in 1981. The intense 9 1/2 day
program begins Friday evening August 20, 1999 and runs through
Sunday afternoon, August 29, 1999. Enrollment is limited to
only seven participants, who will produce and wood fire about
400-500 pieces in the four chamber climbing kiln (noborigama)
during the program.

Aesthetic issues, kiln design and construction, historical
sources, and wood firing in general all will be incorporated
into the formal and informal sessions. The program culminates
in a 26-28 hour firing.

=22Eat, sleep, drink=22 clay for 9 1/2 days=21

For more information or a brochure and registration form,
call either 1-800-900-1110 or (603) 654-2752.

You can E-mail to , or you can
write to:

John Baymore
River Bend Pottery
22 Riverbend Way
Wilton, NH 03086

Homepage at: