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updated sat 15 may 99


Joyce Lee on fri 14 may 99

> Speaking of Clay Times, anyone care to express an opinion on that magazine?

Clay Times has become one of my favorite pottery pubs. Keep in mind I'm
easily impressed with ceramic literature, working to absorb all the
richness of info available but still with many, many chasms in my
knowledge. However, I have dropped a couple of magazines, not because
they weren't good to excellent, but because they were beyond my level at
the time. For finding out what's going on in pottery, Ceramics Monthly
is a must-read; I cherish the stories about potters in Studio Potter;
the how-to-ness of Pottery Illustrated usually with authors' e-mail
addresses attached (I DO post them and they DO respond what field
other than ceramics would this happen?); AND now the articles depicting
trends and describing techniques in Clay Times have become a significant
part of my education and entertainment.Mel's article on page 51 in the
latest issue is a perfect example. His articulate and informative
"Shells of Porclain" detailing Andy Kazukewicz's work is inspiring. I
read almost the whole article before I realized that our Mel had written
it....nary a haiku nor a runon sentence...nor unpunctuated bit... in
sight...because it wasn't appropriate in this piece. Great job!

In the Mojave with doorbell ringing and UPS man yelling to ask if I want
the clay stuff in the studio...yes, indeedy, I do.