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teapots/ history?

updated thu 20 may 99


Murray & Bacia Edelman on wed 19 may 99

Dear Folks: I am faced with having to write still another ding-dang
"statement" for a teapot invitational. I actually have a file folder of
statements, and am not impressed with any of the ones I have written in the
past. This happens to be a national show and they are preparing a catalog.
Yesterday, I was asked to send the statement out as soon as possible.

So, my question is: how long have actual teapots been in existence? Early
pots certainly show jugs with all kinds of pouring spouts. But teapots are
usually lidded, and if functional, many have strainer holes.
I thought of something to say, but wonder: Is it centuries, 80 years,
what? that teapots (as we know them) have been used??

The encyclopedia has information about growing and shipping tea, but no
help about the serving containers.

Thanks in advance. Bacia Edelman Madison, Wisconsin